Attractions Near Us

Dover, Kent - 3 miles
Dover is a busy port town on the southeast coast of Kent. Just 21 miles of English channel separate Dover from France. You can look across the Dover strait and see Calais on a clear day. The iconic white cliffs of Dover are world famous, but they are not their only claim to fame. Dover castle is another famous landmark.

There are plenty of reasons to visit Dover and the surrounding areas. Coastline, countryside, history, day trips to France and much more.

Henry the 8th's Castles
Dover Museum and Bronze-Age Boat Gallery
Dover Transport Museum
Roman Painted House
Samphire Hoe
Day Trips to France
De Bradelei Wharf
Kearsney Abbey
Nearby Towns and Villages: Deal, Sandwich, St Margr

Canterbury Centre - 14.42 miles
Canterbury Cathedral dominates the narrow streets and ancient buildings of Canterbury. Parts of the city are still enclosed by the medieval city walls which remain along with the castle keep. Settlement here predates the Roman invasion. One of the sights of Canterbury is the well-preserved Roman pavement in the longmarket shopping precinct. The most famous historical event which took place here was the murder of Thomas Beckett in 1170 by the knights of Henry II. Beckett's shrine was destroyed during the reign of Henry VIII but many tombs still remain such as those of Edward the Black Prince and Henry IV. Other places to see include St Martin's Church said to be the oldest church in England.

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